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Google Wave入門

再一次說,Google Wave不是照某類服務來做,而是大概因為電郵或IM等通訊模式已經有一段時間,而我們真的需要更Real Time的服務,所以才有這東西吧。我在自己的Tweet都說過

i have reservation if Google Wave could survive. but yahoo! meme is born to be a failure.



Google Wave的介面活動一個用了Gmail Theme的Outlook。看起來比一般的Google產品複雜。但從另一方面看,因為功能不簡單,所以要介面簡單也是不易。


Google Wave Interface

Navigation就像是Gmail的Inbox、Outbox或Sent之類的地步,但這類的結連其實多是Search Result。比如我們可以加入「有關Google」的Wave。



而最右邊就是顯示Wave內容的地方。這個地方是顯示Real Time的Wave內容,對方一邊打字,或加入圖片之類,你都會即時見到。甚至我輸入中文時,對方也會見到我打過的字碼。這種Real Time的通訊方式亦是Wave最強的地方。


Google Wave Interface - Maximize Wave Content Window

當要開一個新Wave時,只要按下Inbox上的「New Wave」,就可以開始了。好,以下就是一段Screencast,讓你了解如何開始一個New Wave。

0 thoughts on “Google Wave入門

  1. I would like to have an invitation too.
    Actually, I just requested one.
    Hope I could get in~~~
    Or it will be great if you could send me an invitation…
    THANKS A LOT for introducing so many great applications to us. 🙂

  2. Hi, it’s a really cool product. Thanks for your elaboration on the subject. Is it possible that I could get an invitation from you, so that I could also personally experience the thrill Wave could offer? Many thanks!!

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