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9月起,Facebook強制用Campaign,而不是Ad Set管理廣告預算!

Facebook早前開始推Campaign Budget Optimization,而且這幾天開始陸續有人收到訊息,就是9月開始Facebook就會強制用Facebook Ads的用戶使用這功能。

現在你在一個Campaign之後有多個Ad Set,我們可以逐個Ad Set去設定廣告預算;而Campaign Budget Optimization則是在Campaign的層面設定廣告預算,而Facebook就會按同一Campaign之下,不同Ad Set的表現實時分配廣告預算。表現較好的Ad Set會得到更多的預算。

根據Facebook的解釋,表現最好的就是「the best results」。理論上,就是以最好的Cost得到最大的Results,那個Ad Set為之表現好。下圖是Facebook讓大家明白Campaign Budget Optimization對投放廣告的人士有甚麼益處。

表現好,當然是落廣告其中一個目標,但有時我們都未必一定全看表現。即使個別廣告表現不好,有時可能你都會想把廣告推給該Ad Set內定義了的Audience嘛,因此能在Ad Set按自己需要調整預算是很重要的。如果只能在Campaign Level來定Budget,那就有很多不同的情況下,都滿足不了這類需求。

我猜到最後,管理廣告的從業員會因為要控制Budget,而把現在管理Ad Set Budget的做法來管理Campaign。換言之,為了能控制廣告預算,大家可能由以往一個Campaign下放多個Ad Set的做法改成直接開多個Campaign。如果多人這樣做,長遠而言,就等於把Campaign與Ad Set的關係打破了。雖說,Ad Set之內還要定義Audience及廣告時段,但因為把預算已經放到Campaign,那就不得不把管理Ad Set的概念應用到Campaign。

9月之後,你再不能選擇Budget是在那個Level控制。統統都由Campaign Budget Optimization管理。到時管理Facebook廣告,會否比現在難得多呢?

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One thought on “9月起,Facebook強制用Campaign,而不是Ad Set管理廣告預算!

  1. Actually, as a fresh eye on Fb Ads, I find this makes a lot of sense in terms of categorization.

    I disagree the campaign optimization however my POV is this.

    As a fresh FB ad user, I struggle to understand the logic of categorizing new fb ads.
    I’ve been trying to find a best practice to name all our ads – when I use previous methods Eg. 1 campaign – multi ad adsets, the campaign tab becomes obsolete/useless.

    Recently, I’ve spoke to a FB representative (sai gwai lo) – and 2 key learnings for me.

    1. Same as you said, optimization performs better than human (not sure true or not)
    2. Best practice of using ad manager – Should not control by adsets (FB call this micro-targetting) becoz its harder to figure out what you have been doing.

    My POV is campaign should be your TA/or special campaign
    and ad set should be split by the interest of TA.

    At least this is what I have been doing. So my campaign has only been 3/4 (Since just male | female | others weird stuff)

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