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OSX增設Blog Server

萬眾期待的OSX Server v10.4 (Tiger)原來會增設一個Blog Server。在蘋果電腦的網頁上,列出了這樣的功能:

A new Weblog server in Tiger Server makes it easy to publish, distribute and syndicate web-based content. The Weblog server provides users with calendar-based navigation and customizable themes, is fully compatible with Safari RSS and enables posting entries using built-in web-based functionality or with weblog clients that support XML-RPC or the ATOM API. The Weblog Server, based on the popular open source project “Blojsom,” works with Open Directory for user accounts and authentication.

那麼,Tiger的用戶便可以為其他朋友提供Blog Hosting + Engine服務嗎?真期待看看蘋果會怎樣設定他們版本的Blojsom。