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Yahoo!似乎對RSS的信心也很大。繼傳出Overture與Feedburner正合作發展RSS廣告業務之後,近日Jeremy Zawodny的Blog中又出了一個Yahoo!找尋RSS技術人員的Blog Post

Good, because we’re looking for a good RSS hacker with some large systems and scaling experience to help with our RSS backend systems (aka, our “content aggregation platform”). Here are some tidbits from the official job listing.

Ideally, we’re looking for someone with solid experience in:

  1. large-scale distributed databases
  2. caching system design
  3. distributed systems
  4. designing with security, reliability, and resilience in mind
  5. C++, Perl, Unix, Apache

加上My Yahoo!已經支援RSS,以及Yahoo! News也有RSS格式。還有,相信不少人仍會記得其實Yahoo!是預留了一個URL給Blog: blog.yahoo.com。似乎Yahoo!要在這領域發展的野心與決心可真不少。

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