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MSN Spaces Upgrade + Hotfix

今早閱讀InsideMicrosoft時得知,MSN為他們的Blog服務MSN Spaces加入了多項新功能,不過都是細微的Upgrade。相信最重要的,都是加了Weblogs Ping。除了Upgrade之外,當然還有Bug Fix,這大概是MS產品一貫的習慣。

閱讀Mike Torres的Blog時,除了看到新的Upgrade資料外,更找到點有趣的事。原來,這次的Upgrade + Hot Fix過程,PubSub、Bloglines及Technorati均扮演著十分重要的角色,因為MSN Spaces Team利用這些服務就能很快地得知服務的問題及用戶的需求:

Side note: This process has already been incredibly fun and rewarding to all of us, even after just 14 days. Thanks to tools like Feedster, Technorati, PubSub, Bloglines, and of course, our own MSN Spaces, we have been able to very quickly get a read on the ‘connected conversation’ out there when it comes to Spaces and our launch – and we have even jumped into the fray and commented on a lot of the feedback, either on our spaces or on your blogs and discussion forums.


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