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要對付針對MT的Comment Spam其實未必要安裝Plugin。這幾天我的MT終於平靜下來,而我用的方法就是更改mt-comments.cgi那個cgi檔案的名稱。

其實在《Learning Movable Type: Concerning Spam》一文中有這樣的講解:

Spammers find MT sites by searching for mt-comments.cgi in Google. Rename the file and your site will be harder for them to find.


# CommentScript mt-comments.pl
# TrackbackScript mt-tb.pl
# SearchScript mt-search.pl
# XMLRPCScript mt-xmlrpc.pl
# ViewScript mt-view.pl

刪除「# CommentScript mt-comments.pl」一句中的「#」,然後將mt-comment.pl改成mt-comments.cgi的新名。最後就要看看各Template之內是否還有地方用了「mt-comments.cgi」這名字來Post Comment,有的話就要改掉它。

另外,cathome的Blogfirefox中另有一文《BlogFirefox: MovableType的Comment Spam》,也教了我們如何與MT-specific的Comment Spam抗爭!

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