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今晚WebLeOn經MSN Send了DarkVision Hardware – Howto upgrade your Hotmail account to 250MB這頁讓我看。原來,250MB的Hotmail Account是要自己努力做出來的。亦說明了,我們不應對MSN(或Microsoft)太好。

DarkVision Hardware教我們如何「手動升級」,將我們Hotmail的容量提升至250MB:

  • First go to your Hotmail account and log in.
  • Then go to the settings (應是Options才對) of your account and click on “My Profile”.
  • You need the adjust the country to United States and the state to Florida (postal code 33332). (it could be that other states also work)
  • Then go to http://memberservices.passport.net/memberservice.srf?lc%2043.
  • Click on the link to terminate your .NET passport. Then you need to click on the button the contact Hotmail and click on “close my account”.
  • Close Internet Explorer and go to hotmail.com and log in again.
  • Normally you should have a 25MB account now. Soon it will be upgraded to 250MB!

有趣的地方不單是這手動過程,更是為何我們要Terminate Account,你才給我250MB呢?其實很多人也有類似的經歷。當我們不想繳信用卡的年費時,就會致電他們的客戶服務部,要求終止服務。一般來說,他們都會說,免我們幾年的年費,還送這個那個禮物給我們。


當我完成了Terminate Account的過程之後,回到Hotmail時,他們的訊息是: an hotmail account is reserved for you。發了脾氣說終於服務,哭過鬧過之後,你才懂珍貴客人。這是甚麼道理呢?人善天不欺,但MSN將會負了你。


現在Jan的Hotmail帳戶已經有25MB的容量,而且更收到一封Hotmail Staff的Email再次介紹Hotmail有甚麼好,其中談容量方面,有這樣的內容:

**** Receive 25MB at sign-up. Please allow at least 30 days for activation of your 250 MB of storage. Microsoft Corporation reserves the right to provide 250MB inbox free Hotmail accounts at its discretion.

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