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今天閱讀過《Gea-Suan Lin’s BLOG » 中文的 comment spam》一文時,想留言回覆,誰不知,我被當了是Spammer:

It would appear that you are have been identified as a nasty comment spammer by Spam Karma and, as such, your comment has been deleted.

If you are only an innocent bystander in the War on Spam, please accept our apologies. The author of this blog will receive a digest containing your comment as well as the reasons why it was deleted. Try contacting him via email (there are many possible reasons: a very common one being the use of a proxy to access this blog).

Note: unless you know exactly why your comment has been deleted (contained a spam URL etc), do NOT try to repost your comment again. It would only result in your IP and website being banned permanently.

Check out: Spam Karma’s Homepage for more information on this spam filter…

Bad Karma, man, bad karma…

以往我們會出現誤將有用的Email認錯為Spam,現在發生在Blog Comments之上。因此,我也不敢再留言,因為我不想IP及Website均被Ban。Spam給我們的代價可大。

Jan’s Tech Blog: Comment Spam影響Blog的生命力

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