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RSS就是RSS,真的不明,為何Microsoft的Longhorn Team要出一個Guideline呢?

Longhorn Team的解釋是:

we’ll post regular features on what RSS feed publishers need to do to properly integrate with IE.

Huh?!! 原來要讓自己的Feed在IE 7上正常地使用,就要跟隨Microsoft的RSS格式──另一個Microsoft的「標準」。

在Longhorn Team RSS Blog上的留言中,Longhorn Team更稱:

But again, these are guidelines, and if a publisher wants to do something different, they are certainly entitled to.

真想問,我要如何搞自己的RSS,到底要誰Entitle呢?用不用你們與Bill Gates一同簽署,我才可以搞呢?

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