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前兩天Wayhorn告知,Orkut終於整合了Google Account。一到Orkut的首頁時,便會見到一份通告。

Dear orkut members,

We are now transitioning to use Google Accounts to sign into orkut.com.

Sign in with your orkut username and password. You will be asked to link this with a Google Account. You can also sign in with an existing Google Account if you have one. For example, a Gmail address is a Google Account and will work.

With a Google Account you will be able to use other Google services like the Google Personalized Homepage, Google Alerts, Google Groups, Froogle Shopping list, and many future Google services. Google Accounts are also better protected against fraud, impersonation and abuse.

– the orkut team

換言之,一個Gmail Account就可以通行Orkut、Google Personalised Homepage及Gmail等。其實Google老早應如此。最初登入Gmail及Google Group,甚至Orkut,各用不同的Account,煩的令人發瘋。


0 thoughts on “Orkut整合Google

  1. orkut是給每個有google account的人orkut的權限嗎?
    還是說即使有google account的人也要擁有orkut帳號的人邀請?


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