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聽說Festoon這Plugin,說可以為Google Talk加入Video Conference功能,而且更可以作多人視像對話!十分吸引吧。而且Festoonyes的視像有不同的特別效果,蠻可愛的。

於是Jan似與朋友試試。可是,其效果不太好,Refresh Rate十分低,很慢很不順暢。即使Jan把影像質素降低,亦沒有幫助。不知是不是ISP的問題呢?

Festoon除了Video功能之外,還有Application / Desktop Sharing。不過這Sharing只是Read-Only。換言之,對方是不能控制你的Application / Desktop的。

Festoon Plugin for Google Talk

0 thoughts on “Festoon

  1. i almost tried to download and try this yesterday…until i read your article, i’ve decided not to. haha.

    anyway, is the desktop-sharing part good?
    it may be useful even if it’s read-only.

  2. I have tried but the quality is not there yet..but it’s a good try for festoon thou 🙂 hope to see a better quality version coming out soon.

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