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del.icio.us近期非常不穩定,這天又停了服務。而且停的時間也真不短。上次停了服務後,Joshua在Blog解說是Data Center的電力故障。這次又不知是甚麼呢?

不過記憶尤新的,就是Joshua在Blog Post最後還多加一個,這絕不是有關Yahoo!的問題。是不是此地無銀呢?


另外,似乎真的要再安裝foxylicious,用以Backup del.icio.us上的書籤了。

UPDATE: 終於在del.icio.us blog又有交代了:

Due to the power outage earlier in the week, we are dealing with a number of continued hiccups. We’ve taken everything offline to properly rebuild and restore everything. I apologize and hope to have this resolved as soon as possible. Thank you for your continued patience.

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