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近日有一個名為Oepn Letter to Google的Blog面世。暫時那兒只有一個Blog Post,十分簡單的說:

We don’t want Google to censor search engine results. Not in China and nowhere else in the world.


Jeremy Zawodny在「Has Google Lost Its Soul?」引述Google Blogscoped談論Google在Help Page中沒有了有關Censorship的網頁,只用以下的原因解釋他們過濾新聞的原因

It is Google’s policy not to censor search results. However, in response to local laws, regulations, or policies, we may do so. When we remove search results for these reasons, we display a notice on our search results pages. Please note: For some older removals (before March 2005), we may not show a notice at this time.


We all knew it was a matter of “when” not “if”.


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