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Dan Gillmor的The Democratization of Media

昨天黃昏時,友人傳來電郵,介紹Dan Gillmor在下週一於港大開講,題目為《The Democratization of Media》。港大網頁之介紹如下:

The tools of media production, distribution and access are now in everyone’s hands. The result is a revolution that is causing turmoil in the news industry, challenging powerful business and governmental interests, and giving consumers vast — and sometimes unreliable — choices in what they read, listen to and view.

日期與時間: 2006年3月20日,下午4時30分至6時
地點: Council Chamber, 8/F Meng Wah Complex, The University of Hong Kong

0 thoughts on “Dan Gillmor的The Democratization of Media

  1. excuse me, 借贵宝地一用~~


    我係Carol,(a new media postgraduate student in CUHK)

    目前正就畢業項目做有關Adoption of IPTV in Hong Kong (e.g. Now Broadband TV 果種) 的研究。

    故墾請你幫忙回答一份link問卷, http://my3q.com/home2/96/cococlulajin/iptv.phtml,

    只花5分鐘時間便可完成。 由於研究範圍包括user and non-user in Hong Kong , 無論你現在是否為IPTV用戶,都可作答。 這是一份不記名的調查,所得的資料也保證只供學術統計用途。

    p.s. 由於這次調查需要超過400份的回應,所以請你高抬貴手,幫手轉寄這邀請函和問卷連結給你的香港朋友,萬分感謝! ^_^


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