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筆者一向都認為Windows Live Messenger的功能過多,又過於User Friendly (還是Hack Friendly呢?)。不過其實有些人與我的想法很不同的,於是就有了這個叫MessengerDiscovery Live的軟件。

在MessengerDiscovery Live的網站,他們是這樣介紹這軟件的:

MessengerDiscovery Live adds extra features to Windows Live Messenger that are not included by Microsoft.

那時我就問,Windows Live Messenger已經夠多功能,還要甚麼Extra呢?於是我就走入他們的Features頁看。天啊!原來有這麼多的功能是「not included by Microsoft」(微軟沒有提供的):

  1. See contacts who have deleted you
  2. View contact MSN/Windows Live Messenger version
  3. Remove contact ‘now playing’ and personal messages
  4. Messages received count
  5. Auto reply to certain messages (accepts wild cards too)
  6. Always be shown as ‘typing a message’
  7. Remove your ‘is typing’ message
  8. Block web links from un-trusted contacts
  9. Profanity filter
  10. Message flood protection
  11. Highlight contact messages (requires Messenger Plus!) ← 還要裝Messenger Plus! ???!??!??
  12. Be shown as ‘using a mobile device’

還有很多的,恕我沒有盡錄。有興趣的,可上他們的網頁去看看。不過看了這些精選中,其實不少是處理身份與Status問題,最有用的可能是Message Flood Protection。至於不顯示「Now Playing」、「is typing」等,真的虧他們想得出。你又會想用其中那一些呢?

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  1. 感覺好像一套「WLM 隱私防護軟體」啊



    P.S. 您第三行的 MessengerDicovery Live 連結中 discovery 少了個 s

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