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Videohybrid就是一個平台,讓大家「哭求」與「跪求」的!既然稱得上Videohybrid,所求的當然就是影片。這裡求的影片包括電影(Movie)、電視節目(TV Shows)、動漫畫(Anime)與卡通片(Cartoon)。

有求,當然要有供,否則這網站就沒有必要存在了。如果其他人求的影片,而你有找到,你就可以點按「 Fulfill this request」提供影片。


We are a group of foreign evil multinationals determined to flush your mind by providing links to movies that are selected by the society and highlighting them as the ones most watched so you will fall into the peer-pressure and eventually join the views of our evil society. Actually, we’re highschool students determined to help people find videos that are often difficult.


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  1. 我發現那網頁只能用firefox打開
    Oooops !!! We are sorry but we currently don’t support the older browser that you are using, though we plan to do it soon.

    However, we suggest that you will be better off with Firefox browser which is much faster and offers superior media streaming.


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