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Google AdSense免費電子書

以下是近期從網上找到的一些有關Google AdSense電子書。當中不少都說自己懂得把Google AdSense的廣告收入大幅提升,但亦有不少Point是老生常談來的。

除了有關賺錢的內容,Click Fraud也是近年流行的熱門話題,所以找來兩本這個話題的電子書,讓大家下載閱讀。

Google AdSense之基本

Working with AdSense (《Google Advertising Tools》的第8章)

Getting Started with Google Adsense

The AdSense Report

Google AdSense常見問題集


Google Adsense的秘密

What Google Never Told You About Making Money with AdSense (2005 Special Preview Edition)

Secret Adsense Income System

Adapting Advertising Models to an Evolving Web Experience

Google Advertisement

The WHOLE Truth About AdSense

How To Make Five Figures A Month With AdSense

有關Click Fraud

Exposing Click Fraud

Click Fraud


TestMagic found a profitable way to grow with Google AdSense.

Real Adventures found ten times more ad revenue with AdSense.

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