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訊息中所提及的Filler,正是我昨天玩過的一款Flash Game。但估不過它偵測到我是Facebook的用戶,當我登入時就問我是否可以在我的News Feeds及Mini-Feed發放訊息。


Facebook Beacon is a way for you to bring actions you take online into Facebook. Beacon works by allowing affiliate websites to send stories about actions you take to Facebook.

我當然不是唯一一個收到這訊息。看看這例子,就知Facebook為這位朋友度身訂造了一些很個人化的東西。雖然我是可以不允許它進一步提供資訊。只要在以下介面選擇「Never」及「Don’t allow any websites to send stories to my profile」:

不過,它切切實實的入侵了我的網上私隱空間!他們使用了一些Javascript的把戲,監察我在Facebook以外的活動情況,然後當我進入Facebook時,便可以「有所行動」。正如GigaOM的文章《 Is Facebook Beacon a Privacy Nightmare?》所說:

The javascript on the Fandango site pops up a little screen which asks if you want to publish the information on Facebook. If you say no, your friends won’t see the information, but apparently Facebook still receives it. This means that if you are a Facebook member, Facebook will know what you are doing on each of their partner sites.


Does Facebook Beacon spy on you without asking? (ValleyWag)

0 thoughts on “Facebook原來一直監視著我

  1. 問題係你玩 filler 果陣, 佢有咩途徑知道你係 FB user?
    要email login先玩到?
    定係佢spy你, 知道你部腦另一個 browser 開住 FB??
    呢個好重要, 關乎係你的問題定係Filler有問題.

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