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Microsoft Research推出了一個很有趣的產品:WorldWide Telescope。這個望遠鏡軟件讓用戶安坐電腦前面,便可以觀看宇宙星體。Microsoft是這樣介紹這軟件的:

Want to see the same images that scientists at NASA use for their research or perform your own research with those images? Or do you want to see the Earth from the same perspective that astronauts see as they descend to Earth? How about taking a 5 minute break and viewing a panorama of a different city?

WorldWide Telescope的介面有點像Windows Media Player,尤其是介面頂頭的一排按鈕。它提供多種的宇宙影像資訊,包括哈勃太空望遠鏡昌德拉X射線天文台史隆數位巡天等。


除了宇宙漫遊之外,WorldWide Telescope更有一些Tour Guide,例如《第一個黑洞》之類,以影片/Slideshow形式,讓我們更認識這個宇宙。

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