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不過不論你是使用Gtalk,還是Email,你先要到這裡取得你的FriendFeed Remote Key

Digital Inspiration介紹了如何用Gtalk來發訊息
1. 先在Gtalk加入friendfeed@imified.com這聯絡人;
2. 在對話窗口輸入「username/remote key」


Sorry, error 403 Forbidden! Looks like the bot is being rate limited, we’re trying to fix the problem. Try back in a bit. imified@imified.com

至於Email to FriendFeed呢,就要靠Mail 2 FF這Application。

只要你將想發的訊息,以電郵寄到username+remotekey@mail2ff.com,那便可以。而如果把內容寄到room+username+remotekey@mail2ff.com的話,就可以直接把內容貼到你指定的Friend Feed Room當中。

使用Mail 2 FF最有趣的地方,當然就是方便我們連文帶圖的貼到Friend Feed上吧。不過你的簽名檔就會成了你所發訊息的Comment。

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0 thoughts on “以Gtalk或Email發佈內容至FriendFeed

  1. Jan, 你好!

    MojiPage has also created a GTalk / XMPP / Jabber bot that lets you post to your Friendfeed stream, or any FriendFeed room that you are subscribed to.

    In addition, the bot also lets you send direct messages to FriendFeed users who are subscribed to you on FriendFeed.

    It works pretty much like the imified bot, except with more features 😉

    To get started, just add im@mojipage.com to your GTalk contact list.

    For more information, please see http://mojipage.com/pages/bot/


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