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已經有數天(我也不記得幾天)不能透過Gtalk來使用Twitter。而在前幾天,Twitter更一度全面休業!這幾天,中、港、台等地的Blogger都問是否要轉會至Jaiku。與此同時,著名的Blogger Robert Scoble稱,這兩個星期他的FriendFeed Subscriber數字不斷上升,似乎是一個「移民潮」。


更糟的,是近日Twitter Alex Pagne的一篇《You’ve Got Q’s, We’ve Got A’s》之中,他稱:

charles asks if there’s anything users can do to lighten our load. The events that hit our system the hardest are generally when “popular” users – that is, users with large numbers of followers and people they’re following – perform a number of actions in rapid succession. This usually results in a number of big queries that pile up in our database(s). Not running scripts to follow thousands of users at a time would be a help, but that’s behavior we have to limit on our side.

這令不少人猜想「popular user」正是直指Robert Scoble,而更惹來很大的迴響。Robert Scoble指他在FriendFeed所經營的社群比在Twitter的大,但卻沒有累到FriendFeed出問題。而其他人亦紛紛指責Twitter不應怪罪於「popular users」,而應好好地搞好自己的系統設計,以應付日益擴展的用量。


Twitter continues to be annoyingly and constructively responsive to criticism. They respond to this post here, saying “We’re working on a better architecture.” Kind of takes the air out of the balloon when you can’t get them riled up.



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  1. friendfeed差一個im bot,也似乎沒有一個好用而簡單的firefox擴展(像twitterfox)


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