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昨晚N97的Twitter帳號發出了這Blog Post「
Introducing : Nokia Ovi Store
」,於是就隨著這Blog Post走去看看Ovi Store,但卻換來「Maintenance」的畫面。

Ovi Store的Maintenance畫面

Anyway,看看Nokia是如何介紹這Ovi Store吧:

Its a one stop store for all your mobile needs. You can download applications, music, videos, games and everything that you possibly need for your nokia phone. All your stuff have a backup, so theres no fear of losing any content. You can use your phone to get to your PC files. Access files on your home or work PC using any internet-enabled mobile device or computer. Now your photos, videos, audio, Office documents and Adobe PDF files can be available even when you’re on the move.

iPhone + App Store的成功模式,大家都打算複製,Palm及Blackberry都會有Store,而Nokia也有Ovi Store。這是我早前已經談過的。

早陣子參加Nokia一個Blogger聚會,得知原來Nokia的手機Store不單只有Ovi Store,還有Ngage及Music Store。這是如何分呢?Ngage,本來一種很古怪的變種遊戲機或手機,聽起電話來感覺不太方便。(但我個人很喜歡「Ngage」這個名。)現在Ngage已經變成了一個遊戲平台,讓Nokia用家在其上試玩及購買手機遊戲。

至於Music Store,顧名思義,就是賣音樂囉!要知道Nokia會為他們多款手機提供「Come with Music」計劃。只需付一個月費(還是年費?),就可以享受他們提供的音樂。當時Rudi與我還與Nokia的代表談,這種Business Model在香港是否可行。事實上,我們也抱懷疑態度。

Nokia Blogger聚會大合照

Come with Music在外國的銷情又如何呢?幾日前讀石先生於癮科技發表的文章「Nokia 英國音樂銷售較預期差

根據倫敦獨立音樂協會的會刊 Music Ally 估計,自去年十月起,大概有 23,000 位 Nokia 用戶申請了 Comes With Music 服務,這個數字明顯較預期差。雖然 Nokia 不願意證實有關數字,即便如此,事實上也不會差太遠。

於是我就走去Music Ally看看有沒有進一步的資料。在「Exclusive: Nokia reveals Comes With Music stats」中,提供了多一些數字:

  1. Comes With Music customers are downloading 200 to 300 tracks on average in the first few weeks
  2. They’re making regular visits back to check new music, as well as explore back catalogue and recommendations
  3. The majority of downloading is taking place via PC, but around 20% of downloads are Over The Air, which Nokia says is for “convenience downloads”
  4. A strong local content catalogue is proving to be an important aspect – accounting for around 35% of downloads in CWM markets
  5. Typical Comes With Music customers download tracks from seven genres, compared to the three genres for typical customers of the Nokia Music Store
  6. CWM customers are downloading 20 times more back catalogue than Nokia Music Store customers




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