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X-Box 360推出體感配件,俾你可以隔空打拳,或者兩手空空駕駛無影車?

並結連至Time的文章「Microsoft Whacks the Wii: A First Look」:

The Xbox 360 is a great machine. Hard-core gamers like it because it’s got decent graphics and a great online service and it’s developer-friendly, so there are lots of good games for it. But to compete seriously with the Wii, the Xbox has to expand outside the hard-core gaming scene too.

Wii出名是就是「入屋」,全家大小一起玩!而Xbox似乎也對Wii這種形象十分垂涎,所以就引入了新功能:動作感應,讓我們全家人全新活動來玩遊戲。此外,它更有Facial及Voice Recognition,令整個遊戲體驗更加有趣。Time的文章更提及這款新的Xbox 360 (名為Natal Project),是如何聰明:

Along with all this hardware, it’s got a ton of software that tells the Xbox how to find your body’s various joints (it tracks 48 of them), how to keep track of multiple players at the same time, how to tell your Hawaiian shirt apart from the colorful wallpaper behind you, and so on. Microsoft even did an acoustic study of living rooms, so Project Natal can tell when you’re talking, when your buddies are talking and when somebody in the game is talking, so it knows whom to take voice commands from.


<a href="http://video.msn.com/video.aspx?vid=fda46915-43fa-491e-ace6-110ee69b1291" target="_new" title="Water bird" rel="noopener noreferrer">Video: Xbox360 Natal Project</a>

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