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這兩天Facebook的Notification以至News Feed,都被一個稱為「FanCheck」的新App攻陷了,所以我今早把「Comments on a photo of me」的Email Notifcation都關了,免得我的Gmail也同時被攻陷。一時間,很多朋友玩FanCheck,而且會見到玩了的朋友都多了一張人物關係圖,看看朋友中誰是你的No. 1云云。


FanCheck is adding new features and new capacity. This could take a few days.
Please become a fan, and we’ll send you an update when we’re back online

不可思議,昨日還有很多朋友在玩,今日就像關站一般,很迷離!而且即使是加新功能,也犯不上遲點才「back online」嘛。為何不能如常誶作呢?

Facebook FanCheck Upgrade Notice

但當黃昏時讀Mashable,就覺得不對勁,因為其中一篇文章標題為「Facebook Fan Check Virus: Something Fishy is Going On」,說網上流傳著FanCheck這App是種病毒,說即使加入了其Fans Page也有機會中毒!但這似乎不太合理吧。

Mashable稱,FanCheck的聲稱可以解讀誰人瀏覽過你的Profile,其實是「cannot work due to Facebook’s policies」,但FanCheck那邊又在自己的Fans Page表示:

StalkerCheck has been renamed FanCheck to comply with Facebook policies.


Thanks everyone for your questions and comments. The list is based on a number of factors, but real interactions (wall posts, likes, comments etc) are weighted heavily. The app considers the last 200 friend interactions – for most people this means visito

是真是假,真的很難說。另一方面,很多聲稱FanCheck是毒App的網站,本身似乎也是陷阱,會帶你去一些有危險的網站,或令你下載一些malware之類。所以連The Register也稱

Searching for information about a supposed virus threat affecting Facebook might itself be hazardous.


In any case, this is what you should do: stay away from Fan Check application – or any other Facebook application that hints at being able to tell you who’s been visiting your profile. Furthermore, don’t search for the “Fan Check Facebook virus,” as it is most likely a hoax.


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  1. 最大問題反而係用家可以看到誰看別人的fb, 舉例:A看完自己的Fancheck後, 係可以用這個app來知道誰人看得最多B,C,D,E…..的Facebook, 不只查自己, 還可查別人!

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