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大富翁這款經典遊戲,不論成人或小朋友一樣喜歡玩。Google這次更與Hasbro合作,來一個網上版大富翁。Google搞的網上版,名為「Monopoly City Streets」,又豈只把Game Board變成Web Interface這麼簡單!

原來新的大富翁會以Google Maps,我們可以購買全球任何國家之內的任何一條街,當然還可以建立新的大廈或酒店。玩法雖然大同小異,但在這個「新世界」上亂跑亂撞,一定令人相當興奮。


Players start with three million Monopoly dollars, with Downing Street costing 231,000 dollars, and Pennsylvania Avenue in Washington, where the White House stands, costing two million dollars.

Rent is paid automatically each day, from 50,000 dollars for a house to 100 million dollars for a skyscraper.

這個3D版的Google大富翁將於9月9日世界。而在9月8日他們更會公佈一個Google Sketchup大富翁建築物設計比賽。這個新版的大富翁,似乎的確能夠給大家耳目一新的感覺。

不過the Next Web的文章「Monopoly is going online thanks to Google and Hasbro」末段有個備註:

Sadly, the global game runs for only four months starting on September 9. Presumably, if the game takes off online, we’ll see it become a permanent fixture online.


超酷!踏單車享受Google Earth內的模擬飛行遊戲

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