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Facebook簡化版:Facebook Lite


Facebook Lite has launched

Facebook Lite大概就是滿足這方面的需求:提供一舍簡單的介面來用Facebook。沒有了Application,只分享簡單的文字與照片。情況不就像Twitter嗎?C|NET Webware也這樣說:

The new version of the site appears to be much cleaner and simpler. It appears, at a quick glance, to be a better site for Facebook newbies or for anyone who finds the current site overwhelming or noisy. It also pushes the old-school Facebook apps off a cliff, which is just as well for the newest Facebook-connected services. Try it at lite.facebook.com.

有人問,Facebook會怕Twitter甚麼?但Twitter威脅到Facebook是不爭的事實,所以才傳Facebook想收購Twitter,以及把自己越扮越似Twitter。扮到一個程度,他們似乎已經不是Facebook,而是功能強過Twitter多一點的Facebook meme。

其實除了速度,我不覺得Facebook Lite與Facebook之間有很大分別。上載相片 / 影片或分享Status,似乎也差不多,所以Lite的重要性其實可能不太大。

要留意的是,當大家走入Lite版的Settings時,各種選項都未完成(This Feature Isn’t Ready Yet!),尤其是Mobile。到底Lite的Mobile與現在的Mobile介面有甚麼不同呢?真值得關注。

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