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This Websense category is filtered: Web and Email Spam. Sites in this category may pose a security threat to network resources or private information, and are blocked by your organization.

到底為何我的Blog會「 pose a security threat to network resources or private information」呢?有熟知政府辦公室網絡政策的朋友,不妨指點一下小弟。

0 thoughts on “向港府致謝

  1. http://tech.azuremedia.net 已經被 Websense 定性為Web and Email Spam

    Websense Lookup
    Request Details:
    Submitted URL: http://tech.azuremedia.net
    Plain URL: tech.azuremedia.net
    Host Name: tech.azuremedia.net
    URL Path:
    Protocol: HTTP

    Here are your test results.
    Important Note! If this site is allowed, but you still can’t get there and you DO NOT get an ‘Access Restricted’ page, chances are that this site forwards you to another one that uses HTTPS to login, or it may pull its content from a site that is blocked. If that’s happening, you’ll have to contact the support for the site you’re trying to access and obtain all of the web addresses and ip addresses that they need open for their site to function.
    Site Category: Web and Email Spam [Request a Change]
    Staff Disposition: Blocked
    Student Disposition: Blocked

  2. 你早前的spam link問題都還未解決, 你看一下RSS feed source, 裡面還有很多spam link, 可能它們監測到惡意連結而封你的站


  3. 香港都可以發生與國內一樣的事?

  4. 記得那些spam是直接放在內容的,如是就不是”有沒有plugin可以阻隔那些link”,而是有些你現有的plugin或wp已經有安全漏洞。

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