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過癮Android Live Wallpaper:Shake Them All!

Shake Them All是我近日經常介紹給朋友玩的Android Live Wallpaper。所謂「Shake Them All」,是它有許多Android機械人在屏幕上,當你移動 / 搖動手機時,那些機械人都會跌跌碰碰地移動。

隨著它更新了幾個版本之後,Shake Them All現在更會對我們說話有反應。大家不妨一邊唱Karaoke,一邊看著這些Android機械人跳舞吧。


大家可以走入Market找尋「Shake Them All」,或利用下面的QR Code下載:

0 thoughts on “過癮Android Live Wallpaper:Shake Them All!

  1. I couldn’t download it… can teach me… after i scan the bar code, the requested item could not be found… i really like the wallpaper… can you teach me how to download pls

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