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靠!FIFA Superstars,德甲消失了!

如果你昨晚曾登入過FIFA Superstars的話,你可能會有幸見過他們除了10月13日玩完的法甲之外,更推出了德甲遊戲。而且完全沒有德國球員的限制。於是我就試玩。其實這個德甲比想像中易。我一口氣就贏了15/18場。而且更有些人當晚已經打爆了德甲,並在Forum Post圖,耀武揚威!

誰不知當我想離開遊戲,出去Claim Mystery Gift,希望有多些Match Credit用之後,回到遊戲時,那個德國的位置變了「Coming Soon」!

當我進入Official Forum時,就看到以下的Announcement

You may have noticed that for a brief moment there was a surprise league, the Bundesliga available for a brief period of time.

We have now turned it off, as it was not meant to be released yet at this time

When it returns, any progress you have made in this league will be stored so that you can progress from the point of which it was turned off.



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