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Fans Page Verification Program釣魚網站騙你的Facebook帳號

相信很多讀者上週末之前都已經讀過Facebook的Verification Badge消息。Facebook透過這個Badge,讓大家辨認到各大品牌在Facebook上的「真身」,不會誤認釣魚Facebook Page,或被其他Fans建立的專頁魚目混珠。

問題來了!有了這個Badge,大家都會問自己的品牌如何才可以得到這個Badge呢?要提交甚麼文件嗎?要Director Grade的老闆簽名嗎?統統都不是,而是沒有途徑給大家Verify自己的專頁!問過Facebook朋友,現在這個Verification的系統是Facebook自己內容Review個別的品牌。

正當大家都在猶豫如何在Facebook認證自己的品牌,就有人製作出釣魚網站「Fan Page Verification Program」來騙取專頁管理員的Facebook帳號。根據AllFacebook的報導,部份Facebook Page的管理員收到這樣的訊息。

Dear Facebook User,

You are receiving this message to notify you about the new security feature from Facebook called “Fan Page Verification Program”.

After many Fan Pages have been stolen lately leaving us no choice but Deleting them forever, we had to come up with an original solution about the Fan Page’s Security.

Luckily, your Fan Page, has a lot of likes and provides High Quality Content, which qualify it for this program.

To complete this process you must choose a 10-digit number (it can be any number) and that number will be assigned as your Security code”. This code will be the new passphrase for changing anything important for your Fan Page, like the Admin roles or other important settings.

Please be aware that this process it’s open only until 30.05.2013 and it’s mandatory to complete it. If you don’t, your Fan Page will be suspended permanently since it is not considered safe for the wide audience.

Please visit the link below to complete the process:

AllFacebook雖沒有貼上釣魚網站的網址,卻貼了該站的Screen Cap。我們可以見到該網站要求專頁管理員提交帳號資料。當你一提交,你就等於把你正管理的專頁都送了給那些釣魚人士。

暫時,請大家不要急於Verify自己的專頁,因為Facebook與Twitter一樣並沒有提供任何途徑,讓你要求把你的專頁認站的。一旦見到這類郵件,你大家可用Report Spam / Scum來幹掉它。

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