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Google借街景裝置,讓你一起製作Street View

Google今天發佈了一個借用Google Street View Trekker的計劃,目的是讓更多人參與製作Google Maps的街景影像,令Google Maps的街景資料更趨完善。

Google Street View Trekker

其實Google推出街景以來,既有些人會希望把握到機會,讓自己現身這地圖服務,亦有很多人像我,希望可以上街景車,參與拍攝。現在雖然不是街景車,而是背在身上的Google Street View Trekker,但相信依然有不少人感興趣的。至少我希望有機會參與。Google Street View Trekker共用15個鏡頭來覆蓋用戶身邊的360°景觀。大概每兩秒半就拍一下照。當然這是一台Android的裝置。

Google會先借出這器材給Hawaii Visitors and Convention Bureau,並向他們提供培訓。


If you represent an organization such as a tourism board, non-profit, government agency, university or research group that would like to take photos with the Trekker for future inclusion on Google Maps, please fill out this form. Tell us more about your proposed locations and upcoming trips, and we’ll get back to you if/when there’s an opportunity for us to partner with you on a Trekker collection. Thanks!

要借用Street View Trekker,就要填這表格,並等待Google批核。

(其實就算不能借我用,讓我背起這Trekker,走上山頂背著藍天白雲,影一張像上面的相片當Profile Pic也好吧……)

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