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「俄羅斯Facebook」向斯諾登派Job Offer

今早電視新聞還在播放美國中情局前雇員斯諾登獲俄羅斯庇護,以及美國如何失望。吃早餐時就在Flipboard讀到「Snowden offered job at Russia’s top social network」。

原來VKontakte的創辦人Pavel Durov在自己的VKontakte Profile上公開邀請斯諾登加盟 (以下是Google Translate的英文翻譯):

Today Edward Snowden – a man denounced crimes against the citizens of the U.S. intelligence services around the world – has received temporary asylum in Russia. At such moments, you feel proud of our country and regretted the U.S. policy – a country committed to the principles on which it was once built.

We invite Edward to St. Petersburg and will be happy if he decides to fill up a stellar team of programmers VKontakte. In the end, there is no more popular European Internet companies than VK. I think Edward might be interesting to do the protection of personal data of millions of our users.

Pavel Durov對俄羅斯的臨時庇護引以為傲,並認為斯諾登因為重視保障個人資料,而有興趣加盟他們。俄羅斯對斯諾登的庇護是容許他在境內工作,所以如果斯諾登對VKontakte的Offer有興趣,的確是可以很快便上班。


Pavel Durov說「Edward might be interesting to do the protection of personal data of millions of our users」的確說得響亮,但VKontakte一直被人稱為「俄羅斯Facebook」(Pavel Durov也因此被稱為「俄羅斯Zuckerberg」)。大家都知Facebook是利用大家的私隱來賺錢,所以斯諾登要是到這俄羅斯Facebook上班的話是保護還是出賣用戶資料也很難說。

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