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Twitter實驗:透過Direct Message送遞突發新聞 (同場加映,12個追蹤突發新聞的Twitter帳號)

這兩天有個叫Event Parrot的Twitter帳號出現。這帳號的Bio標示著自己是一個Twitter搞的實驗,目的是透過Direct Message,為Follower隨時送上突發新聞。 (This is a Twitter experiment. Follow me to receive direct messages that help you keep up with what’s happening in the world.)

今天我Follow了Event Parrot。晚上就收到它的一個Direct Message:

AP sources: Boehner to ask House GOP for short-term debt ceiling increase. – @AP https://t.co/Ac9EGFebna

似乎Twitter未必是有一Team編輯在編寫及跟蹤突發新聞,而是看到其他新聞網站的帳號有這類新聞,就透過Direct Message送給Follower。就像我收到的這個Direct Message,新聞來源是AP的。


這個可能是最著名的Breaking News Twitter帳號 Breaking News – Breaking news as it happens. Follow our team on @breaking

Breaking News Storm – Real-time severe weather updates 24 hours a day from the @breakingnews team.
Breaking Politics – Breaking news about politics, published 24 hours a day by the team at @breakingnews.

CNN Breaking News – Breaking News from CNN, via the http://CNN.com homepage team
CNNMoney Breaking – Breaking news feed from http://CNNMoney.com . For full feed, follow @CNNMoney. For markets news only, @CNNMoneyMKTS.

其他傳媒的Breaking News Accounts:
ReutersLive – This account will only be active during breaking news events and provides very frequent updates.
BBC Breaking News – Breaking news alerts and updates from the BBC.
WSJ Breaking News – Breaking news from The Wall Street Journal
Sky News Desk – The latest breaking news, direct from the Sky News team
CBS Top News – Top news and breaking news alerts for US, World, Business, Tech and Entertainment from @CBSNews
AJELive – Breaking news alerts and updates from Al Jazeera English, a 24-hour news and current affairs channel.
USA Breaking News – The Source for Breaking News: Gathering info from thousands of global sources. Subscribe/follow now! Tweets by: @SteveKopack (CNBC Social Media Producer)
TWC Breaking – Breaking weather news feed of The Weather Channel

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