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這兩天Android手機的用戶打開Whatsapp時,可能都會見到這訊息: 「This version of Whatsapp will require updating in 14 days」。然然當你贊成Update,過了Google Play那邊時,就發現根本沒有甚麼可Update。昨天如是;今天如是。



Thanks for your message. A new version will be released shortly. We apologize for the confusion. The new version will be available in the market in the coming week. Please ignore the update prompts for the time being.

所以大家不必擔心手機是否被人hack,又或者這是甚麼騙案。似乎Whatsapp只是過早推出那個Pop up Window,而又未預備好新Update罷。

[Tip of the Week] 如何把Whatsapp訊息都搬到新手機?

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