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Facebook更改計算方式,Page Impressions將下調?

最近外國著名的Social Media專家Matt Navarra在自己的Tweet上發佈訊息,指由10月17-28日之間,Facebook會Roll Out一個新的改動,令計算Organic Page Impressions的方法不同。


  • Organic Page Impressions的計算方法配合廣告Paid Impressions的計算方法
  • 有這Upadte因為Organ Impressions重複計算用戶的Impressions
  • 而Paid Impressions是有限制在特定Time frame之內不重複計算Impressions的要了解分別,就要拿Paid Impressions與Organic Impressions兩個Metrics來比較。

    先看Paid Impressions:

    An impression is counted as the number of times an instance of an ad is on screen for the first time. (Example: If an ad is on screen and someone scrolls down, and then scrolls back up to the same ad, that counts as 1 impression. If an ad is on screen for someone 2 different times in a day, that counts as 2 impressions.)

    至於Organic Impressions呢,解釋就比較簡單點:

    Impressions are the number of times any content from your Page or about your Page entered a person’s screen.

    似乎分別就在乎Paid Impressions在一次Page Load之內,同一個人即使看了兩次同一個Posts,都只計一次Impressions,而Organic Impressions就沒有寫明這限制。換言之,在News feed上來來往往,讓同一個Post 「Enter the screen」幾次,其實就是幾個Organic Impressions。
    不過以上都只能算是猜測,因為我找不到Facebook的Official Announcement,所以就靠Matt的消息人士料來推斷。
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